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Operation Jingle Bells

103 S Carroll St.

Journey to the North Pole and help take down the mischievous elf Slappy and save Christmas!

Crane Manor

103 S Carroll St.

The Paranormal Response Task Force needs your help investigating the mysterious Crane Manor to put an end to the Headless Horseman forever.


103 S Carroll St.

In the midst of WWII, your Allied special ops team is tasked with recovering a mysterious and dangerous artifact. Are you ready to be the hero?


103 S Carroll St.

Merlin sealed the sword Excalibur back in its stone, where it now awaits a worthy champion. Face the trials left behind and see if you are the one who is worthy to pull the sword and take the crown as the new protector of Camelot.

Ruluco Island

32 - 64
Your Location

A mobile adventure we can bring to you! Office, hotel, school, conference center, etc... You name the place we bring the fun to you.

Step 2: Plan your visit


Games are available 7 days a week. Check our booking calendar by clicking "Book Now" to see times.

Temporarily we are only open by appointment


The All Saints St garage is right across the street as well as metered street parking. The meters are free after 5 pm Monday–Saturday and all day Sunday. The Visitors Center on Commerce St. is free on weekends as well. There is limited parking available at our building on weekends or after 5 PM on weekdays. Weekdays before 5 PM you may be unable to park in the building lot. Please do not park behind another vehicle unless they are part of your group.

What to Bring & How to Prepare

You do not need to bring anything with you for the game. Just your team and your wits!

We do not have storage so keep your valuables in your car or at home. You can leave purses, bags, phones, etc inside the game room.


My family and I had a spectacular experience here and they are above and beyond in customer service and entertainment.
This place is a blast, especially for groups! I loved seeing how group members of different personalities approached the puzzles.
Such a fun way to bond with my leadership team!
Thank you all for such a thrilling experience. I love playing puzzle games with an element of adventure. This was on par with games such as The Room or Rift, only you are in the game! Our host was excited for us to be there, and professional in his presentation of the game. Keep your standards high; never let the quality of your presentation falter. This is the start of something huge for Frederick!
Christopher C.
This is one of the best, most challenging escape rooms I've been to. It was clear that the folks running this place put a lot of thought and effort into making the rooms immersive and extremely detailed. The puzzles were also more complex than I've seen at other rooms. This was not simply a series of locks and keys, but a number of really tough, interlocking puzzles that used a number of non-obvious elements in the rooms. The staff also was extremely courteous and helpful. Overall, a great experience and one that I would repeat again. Highly recommend! This was a few notches above the typical escape room and was well worth the trip.
David Y.
I went with some friends for my bachelorette party and it was AMAZING! What a fun and different thing to do. The level of detail was amazing and the owners were awesome! We did the conspiracy theory room and cracked the puzzle just in time. We've never laughed so hard, we can't wait to do more!
Chelsey J.
This was the 20th room I had played (Conspiracy) and it was one of the absolute best. The level of detail into story, design, game play is amazing. Played every room in Frederick and the others don't even come close to the experience delivered at Clue IQ. Very impressed.
Naomi S.
A group of my friends and myself have done other escape rooms and after we did Clue IQ's conspiracy room we were hooked and dying to do their next room. We did it today and had a blast! I cannot tell enough people about how much fun we've had here!!! This is the best escape room in Frederick!
Alyssa K.
My wife and I have done nearly 50 escape rooms, and consider Excalibur one of the best at any location! We can't wait to try the others.
Jessy C.
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