What Is Clue IQ?

Clue IQ is a live escape room in downtown Frederick, MD. Each room is an immersive adventure that will transport your team to a unique time, place, or event. Inside you will encounter a series of challenges that must be solved by using clues, puzzles, and hints. Only by working together can you crack the codes and complete the mission before time runs out!

Gather your team, the challenge awaits!


Who Should Play?

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Friends & Family

Tired of the status quo? Ready for a new adventure everyone can enjoy? – book now at Clue IQ and see if your group has what it takes. Our games are perfect for the whole family or your group of friends.

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Do you thrive on playing games or solving puzzles? Clue IQ provides the perfect interactive entertainment for the challenge driven, in a mind stimulating environment. Put down the controller, gather your team, and come experience a real life co-op gaming experience.

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Private Events

The perfect place is to celebrate an event! Birthday, Anniversary, Family gatherings, whatever the occasion let Clue IQ help make it truly memorable.

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Team Building

Whether it’s a social outing or a results-driven staff development session, Clue IQ provides an alternative form of team building activities which combine problem-solving, lateral thinking and teamwork, in a highly engaging and fun-filled environment. Colleagues and co-workers will use their mental and observational skills to beat the clock in the most fun team building activity you could imagine.

  • Anna
    Already planning my BDAY @Clue IQ!
  • Karen
    Awesome! Very excited to have an escape room in Frederick!
  • Jack
    I am soooooo pumped up to try this!