The Case:

Malcolm Reynolds was hosting a dinner party the night he died. We believe that, after the dinner, he was planning to announce his retirement and name his successor at Serenity Industries. However, before he could make the announcement, he was murdered. It is your assignment to go through the evidence we collected and solve this case before the local police get involved. We have only 24 hours to return all of the evidence before they will be on the scene so your work must be done quickly.

We at the Black Box Detectives Society have been watching you for some time now. We believe you may just have what it takes to become a member of our organization. Consider this your “interview”. Find the truth and join our ranks!

Detective Buxton will be your point of contact. He has prepared your evidence package but what fun would it be without a challenge? You will have to figure out how to unravel the puzzles hidden within the evidence to get to the bottom of this mystery.

At this time you may open the box and look at the available items. Remember do NOT open any envelopes until you are told to do so. The letter you find inside would be a good place to start.

When you have solved the puzzle enter the code below

All codes will be CAPITAL LETTERS or numbers with no special characters or spaces.

Hint 1:

Pay special attention to the bold letters and the note at the bottom of the letter.

Hint 2:

A shift cipher is in use, P = E is telling you how the shift works.

Hint 3:

The best way to tackle a shift is to write out the alphabet once and then put the new shifted one under it. Under “P” in your normal alphabet put an “E” and then continue on so under “Q” is “F” under “R” is “G” this will allow you to decode all of the bold letters.