Pricing & FAQ

  • 60 Minute Experiences
    • 2 Players – $46
    • 3 Players – $41
    • 4 Players – $38
    • 5 Players – $36
    • 6 Players – $34
    • 7 Players – $32
    • 8 Players – $31
    • 9 Players – $30
    • 10+ Players – $28
  • 75 Minute Experiences
    • 2 Players – $50
    • 3 Players – $45
    • 4 Players – $42
    • 5 Players – $40
    • 6 Players – $38
    • 7 Players – $36
    • 8 Players – $34
    • 9 Players – $33
    • 10+ Players – $32
All pricing is per person. If anyone in the group is under age 13 a paying adult must be present in the game. Children 6 and under do not require a ticket but must be closely supervised at all times or we will ask that they be taken out of the game.

Are we actually locked in a room?

No! Our facility is about FUN, not FEAR. At no point will you be locked or trapped inside of anything. Our games go beyond simply trying to exit a door. We create full storylines in immersive environments where you will embark on an adventure to complete an objective. If you ever need to step out of a game, the door you enter will always be open for you to use.

Is it scary?

No! It is FUN! The basic concept is a puzzle-based gameplay experience. Each theme will take you on a different adventure to a unique time, place or event. All of our rooms currently are designed as a fun, adrenaline-filled adventure and are nothing like a haunted house. Our goal is to create an atmosphere for fun and excitement, not fear and terror.

Do we get paired with strangers?

Never! Unlike most other escape rooms, we will not force you to play with people you do not know. Once you make a reservation the room belongs to just your party. Pricing is still per/person and gets cheaper the more players you add.

Can you defend your “top rated” comments?

Absolutely! We have over 800 5-Star reviews across TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, and Yelp. We are also among the most frequently recommended venue by players on the Facebook Enthusiast group for the DMV region.

In June of 2019, our Excalibur game was named the #1 Medieval Themed Escape Room in the Mid-Atlantic Region. It was also named the #1 overall escape game in the area by EscapeSpy.com

Crane Manor and Excalibur were both voted in the top 150 games in the world in the Bullseye Players Choice Awards which had close to 4,000 nominations.

For 3 years in a row, we have received the Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice award which ranks us in the top 10% of all of the attractions on Tripadvisor.

Room Escape Artist named Clue IQ to their list of escape room companies they were most excited to visit in 2020.

A huge thanks to our amazing fans for spreading the word, all of this is because of you!

How long does it last?

There will be a brief instructional period when you first arrive and a quick debrief after your game ends, including a free team photo inside the game. Three of our experiences have a max time limit of 60 minutes and one has a time limit of 75 minutes. How long you spend in the game will be different for every team and some teams may not finish before time expires.

Do we get help?

Absolutely! We have one main goal at Clue IQ and that is to make sure people have fun playing our escape rooms. We do not limit help in any way, we leave it totally up to the teams. All of our games have a dedicated staff member who is remotely monitoring the game at all times, and each game has a customized hint system available for you to use. If at anytime your team feels a little stuck and wants some helpful advice you will be able to get a hint. Some teams don’t ever want a hint and some want a lot, all we want is for you to have fun. Some escape rooms will limit the amount of help you can get or heavily penalize teams for taking hints, we prefer to create a fun atmosphere and let players play the way they will have the most fun.

Can we take our belongings with us?

Absolutely! At no point in the game will you need to use your phone (or anything else you may have with you) and it will not be any help to you. We recommend keeping them in your pocket to avoid distractions but we understand people have jobs, babysitters, and other important things going on that they might need to be reached so feel free to keep it with you while you play or leave it locked in your car. There will not be a secure place to store it otherwise. 

I played an escape game before somewhere else. How is this different?

We pride ourselves on creative fully immersive adventures. All of our rooms are fully customized from the ground up.

You will encounter a large variety of puzzles that will include locks and keys but the games are also filled with mechanical and technological secrets. We have the most technologically advanced games in the region and they take place inside of professionally designed sets with immersion in mind at every turn.

Browse the site and our social media and you will see plenty of real pictures inside the rooms. We strongly caution anyone from playing at a venue that refuses to show the build quality of their games. Take a look for yourself at our Excalibur room

We also offer only private games, that means no stranger danger at Clue IQ!

Where Should We Park?

The All Saints St garage is right across the street as well as metered street parking. The meters are free after 5 pm Monday–Saturday and all day Sunday. The Visitors Center on Commerce St. is also free on Weekends. There is limited parking available at our building on weekends or after 5 PM on weekdays. Weekdays before 5 PM you will be unable to park in the building lot. Please do not park behind another vehicle unless they are part of your group. 

What age is this for?

We welcome players of any and all ages into our escape rooms. Many young puzzlers will surprise you at how adept they are at the challenges you may face! The puzzles inside are designed with ages 12 and up in mind, but younger players can still enjoy them and have fun as part of the group. Players ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. There will be no charge for children under 6 years old, but they must be closely supervised at ALL times. If children are not being watched or acting destructively in any way we will ask an adult to remove them from the game.

Do we need an appointment?

We are currently operating all games by appointment only. There will be no one at the facility if there are no reservations. You must book in advance. You can get tickets HERE or call 240-815-6458

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