Are we actually locked in a room?

No! Our facility is about FUN, not FEAR. At no point will you be locked or trapped inside of anything. Our games go beyond simply trying to exit a door. We create full storylines in immersive environments where you will embark on an adventure to complete an objective. If you ever need to step out of a game, the door you enter will always be available to you.

Is it scary?

No! It is FUN! The basic concept is a puzzle-based gameplay experience. Each theme will take you on a different adventure to a unique time, place or event. All of our rooms currently are designed as a fun, adrenaline-filled adventure and are nothing like a haunted house. Our goal is to create an atmosphere for fun and excitement, not fear and terror.

How long does it last?

The game starts at the time of your booking. You may want to arrive about 10 minutes ahead of time to allow time to find parking, use the restroom, and sign in if you did not do so ahead of time. Once inside you will have 60 minutes to complete your mission.

Do we get help?

We allow teams to play in whatever way is fun for them. This means if they don’t want any hints, they won’t receive any. If they want 47 they can have 47. We aren’t here to tell anyone how to have fun. For those who are a bit more competitive, however, we do keep a leaderboard. Every team is allowed a maximum of 3 hints to qualify for the leaderboard.

Can we take our belongings with us?

Absolutely! At no point in the game will you need to use your phone (or anything else you may have with you) and it will not be any help to you. We recommend keeping them in your pocket to avoid distractions but we understand people have jobs, babysitters, and other important things going on that they might need to be reached so feel free to keep it with you while you play or leave it locked in your car. There will not be a secure place to store it otherwise. 

I played an escape game before somewhere else. How is this different?

We pride ourselves on creative fully immersive adventures. All of our rooms are fully customized from the ground up.

You will encounter a large variety of puzzles that will include locks and keys but the games are also filled with mechanical and technological secrets. We have the most technologically advanced games in the region and they take place inside of professionally designed sets with immersion in mind at every turn.

Browse the site and our social media and you will see plenty of real pictures inside the rooms. We strongly caution anyone from playing at a venue that refuses to show the build quality of their games. Take a look for yourself at our Excalibur room

Where Should We Park?

The All Saints St garage is right across the street as well as metered street parking. The meters are free after 5 pm Monday–Saturday and all day Sunday. The Visitors Center on Commerce St. is also free on Weekends. There is limited parking available at our building on weekends or after 5 PM on weekdays. Weekdays before 5 PM you will be unable to park in the building lot. Please do not park behind another vehicle unless they are part of your group. 

What age is this for?

The games are designed to be challenging for adults. We find that typically kids under the age of 12 will start to struggle with some of the puzzles in the rooms. Younger kids can participate as a part of a larger group but this is not an activity for a group that is primarily made up of younger children.

**Note any groups with children under the age of 13 will be required to reserve either a private room or book the full capacity of a room.

Do we get paired with strangers?

This part is up to you! It is common for escape rooms to sell tickets until they reach the rooms capacity. This means often a game may consist of 3 random couples paired together or 2 groups of 4. We find a lot of people enjoy meeting new people or simply are seeking a larger group and enjoy playing this way.

We also understand not everyone is a social butterfly and might prefer to play with just their own smaller group. For you, we also offer the ability to reserve a “Private” room. Tickets will cost $5 more and with a minimum reservation of 4. The remaining slots for the room will be closed off and unsold.

Do we need an appointment?

It is strongly encouraged. We operate similarly to a movie theater. Each of our games or rooms run on a set schedule throughout the day and hold a limited number of participants. While we will attempt to fit you in, we cannot guarantee availability for walk-ins and often the bulk of the weekend will be sold out.

During the week there may not be anyone on site if there are not games reserved. The best thing to do is to get your tickets in advance HERE or call first to verify availability.

Can you defend your “top rated” comments?

Absolutely! We have over 500 5-Star reviews across TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, and Yelp. We are also among the most frequently recommended venue by players on the Facebook Enthusiast group for the DMV.

In June of 2019 our Excalibur game was named the #1 Medieval Themed Escape Room in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

A huge thanks to our amazing fans for spreading the word, all of this is because of you!

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