Why we offer Private Games

Most escape rooms all have Public or Shared Games. This means if you buy 3 out of 10 tickets the other 7 tickets remain for sale and you will likely have to play with another group of strangers. While this can be fun, in our experience in mostly ends poorly often with families with small kids mixed in with adults out for a fun night or very experienced players dominating the experience for newer ones. To make matters worse most of these places “solution” is to tell players to simply buy all of the tickets if they want a private experience.

This is why we have 100% Private Games. With Private Games, your group will have the entire experience to yourselves, regardless of how many people are playing. Private Games also give you the advantage of not needing to know exactly how many players will be participating ahead of time. Once you reserve a room privately, the time slot is yours alone so we can easily add more players to your reservation at a later date.  Private Games are priced based on the number of people participating and range between $28 – $46/person. We find this is a much better solution than asking you to purchase all of the tickets in order to have a private experience. If you want to add additional players on later you can always do so for $31/player (regardless of how many you initially made the reservation for). It should be noted you do receive an automatic group discount for reserving for a larger group upfront.

Private Games Benefits:

  • The entire game is reserved for just your group!
  • Group discounts available for larger parties. Private Game pricing is as low as $28/person for larger groups. 
    • Discount is only available if all tickets are purchased together at the time the reservation is made.
  • If you have a team member running behind we can start the game and have them join you in progress.
  • Additional players can be added to your reservation at any time at the standard ticket rate of $31/player, up to the listed maximums:
    • Blitzkrieg max is 8
    • Conspiracy max is 12
    • Excalibur max is 10

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