How it Started

I started the journey of creating Clue IQ, with my furry best friend Cora, back in the Summer of 2016. I had played escape games before and instantly got hooked on the concept. The combination of mystery movies and puzzling games brought together in an interactive game I could play with friends blew me away. I could not get enough of playing and loved how each one told its own unique story. Fast forward to today and I am closing in on 100 games played… I warn you, it is addicting.

Back to the story… I was shocked however that Frederick was completely void of this type of entertainment. Originally from Everett, WA my family has been in Frederick for over 20 years now. I graduated from TJ (go Patriots!) and got my degree from UMBC. This area has truly become home. My family is heavily involved in downtown operating 5 unique businesses in the area. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and start my own. For me, it was a no brainer. Frederick is an amazing city that was in need of innovative entertainment and I was the person to bring it to them. And so I started putting plans together on game concepts, puzzle ideas, how the business would operate, etc.

Most importantly was the search for a great location. This turned into the toughest task of all! It was really important to me to be located downtown but also find a building where we could really custom build our games. Something that really separates us from other escape games is the production quality and level of detail in our room builds. There are a lot of beautiful old buildings in Frederick but unfortunately you can’t go redoing walls and doing major construction in them. We did not want to compromise our designs and the customers experience so we really took our time to find the perfect space.

In early 2017 we found that space in an old dry good grocer warehouse from the late 1870’s located at 103 S. Carroll St. By March of ‘17 we were starting construction.

I am truly lucky to have the support of a great family behind me. My uncle Jim came out to help with all of the construction. Together we completely renovated the space and got it ready to host the thousands of players who would soon start coming through the doors. I really don’t think I could have ever done this without his help and guidance. My father Mike and his wife Terri were also sources of constant support.

Going through this process of building and opening a new business was a pretty scary endeavor and a quite overwhelming at times, but the love and support from my family really made it all possible. As you can see in the gallery below we made quite the changes to the space! Something I really love though is that we were able to keep some of the unique features of the building intact and work them into games, allowing for some really fun scenic designs that really are unmatched anywhere else.

The rest is history, now over 10,000 players later I could not be any happier with the decision I made to start this crazy journey. The amazing customers have named us the #1 Escape Room in the entire state and the #2 overall fun activity on TripAdvisor.

We managed to hit #1 in Frederick after being open only 2 months. It was really awesome to see just how much fun people were having.

Now we are trying to figure out how to bring you new and exciting content as fast as possible. We brought new outdoor adventures that are the first of their kind on the east coast and large scale mobile game we can take to you both online in 2018 and we promise there are more new surprises in 2019!

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