Outdoor Games

Our citywide games are outdoor adventures that are built upon the foundation of what makes escape rooms great. Fun puzzle-based team gameplay. Add in elements of Augmented Reality, Pokemon Go, Scavenger hunts, Geocaching, and a little Amazing Race and we end up with 2 amazing adventures to take you around downtown Frederick.

Magic Portal

For years mythical creatures used magical portals to go between their world and ours.

Eventually, cruel monsters came through and wreaked havoc on our world. The portals had to be closed forever. Goblins were assigned the duty of guarding these portals, until one day a mysterious spell forced the goblins asleep and opened the portals — allowing these creatures to enter our world once more.

See the details of your hunt for the crystals here. 

Operation Mindfall

Your team of covert operatives has limited time to stop a secret organization from activating a virus that takes over the human mind.

The research facility where the virus was created has been tracked to somewhere within the city of Frederick.

You are our last line of defense to locate the facility and create an antivirus before it’s too late!

Find out how you can save the world here. 

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