Locate the Facility. Create the Antivirus. Stop the Disease.


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Your team of covert operatives has limited time to stop a secret organization from activating a virus that takes over the human mind. The research facility where the virus was created has been tracked to somewhere within the city of Frederick. You are our last line of defense to locate the facility and create an antivirus before it’s too late!

This is one of the best, most challenging escape rooms I’ve been to. It was clear that the folks running this place put a lot of thought and effort into making the rooms immersive and extremely detailed. The puzzles were also more complex than I’ve seen at other rooms. This was not simply a series of locks and keys, but a number of really tough, interlocking puzzles that used a number of non-obvious elements in the rooms. The staff also was extremely courteous and helpful. Overall, a great experience and one that I would repeat again. Highly recommend! This was a few notches above the typical escape room and was well worth the trip.

-David Y.


  • Game Duration: 2 Hours
  • Recommended 2 – 6 players
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