We offer some of the largest and most technically advanced escape rooms you will find in the region. All of our games are custom built and feature special lighting and sound effects as well as lots of high tech magic behind the scenes. Creating one-of-a-kind immersive adventures for your team to enjoy. The games are all varying degrees of non-linear gameplay so even bigger groups can keep everyone engaged and having fun. We also craft a full story for each game and give teams a clear mission or objective they need to accomplish. We find this to be much more interesting than simply finding a key to leave a room.

We also work hard to create unique ways to run game timers, hints, and game master interactions to attempt to make the entire experience as immersive and seamless as possible. All in all escape rooms at Clue IQ are quite unlike games anywhere else.


Raid the Bunker. Recover the Artifact. Be the Hero. 

Gather your squad, gear up, and embark on an exciting adventure to save the world. One thing is for sure — the stakes are high for this one. Are you ready to be the hero?

Operation Jingle Bells

Journey to the North Pole. Stop Slappy the Elf. Restore Christmas Magic. 

You have just won perhaps the greatest prize in the history of prizes, a private tour of the North Pole! Unfortunately, Slappy, the mischievous elf has struck again. The elves need your help to get the systems back online and the reindeer ready for flight before Christmas Magic totally runs out.

Crane Manor

Explore the Manor. Find the Head. Stop the Horseman.

Join the Paranormal Response Task Force on a mission to stop the Crane family and put the Headless Horseman to rest for good.


Face the Trials. Pull the Sword. Rule Camelot.

Gather your most trusted knights and embark on a magical quest to find the crown, retrieve the sword, and become the ruler of Camelot! 

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