Our games are all mission based – that is, you will have a specific objective you need to accomplish that goes along with the story. We find this much more interesting than simply trying to leave a room.

We also work hard to create unique ways to run game timers, hints, and game master interactions to attempt to make the entire experience as immersive and seamless as possible.


Raid the Bunker. Recover the Artifact. Be the Hero. 

Gather your squad, gear up and embark on an exciting adventure to save the world. One thing is for sure — the stakes are high for this one. Are you ready to be the hero?

Read the mission-critical details here


Trust No One. Question Everything. Uncover the Truth. 

Do you blindly believe? Or do you question what you are told? Are you ready to find out the truth? Beware THEY are watching, once you go down this path there may be no turning back… Still interested?

Find out if you really want to play here


Face the Trials. Pull the Sword. Rule Camelot.

Gather your most trusted knights and embark on a magical quest to find the crown, retrieve the sword, and become the ruler of Camelot! 

See what trials lay ahead of you here.


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