Raid the bunker. Recover the artifact. Be the Hero.


Raid the Bunker – Recover the Artifact – Be the Hero

In the midst of WWII, your Allied special ops team is tasked with recovering a mysterious and powerful artifact from a secret underground bunker. You will be briefed by command on mission-critical details beforehand, but one thing is for sure — the stakes are high for this one. Are you ready to be the hero?

A group of my friends and myself have done other escape rooms and after we did Clue IQ’s Conspiracy room we were hooked and dying to do their next room. We did it today and had a blast! I cannot tell enough people about how much fun we’ve had here!!! This is the best escape room in Frederick!

Alyssa K.

Key Info:

  • Time limit: 60 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
  • For up to 8 Players
    • We recommend 2 to 6
  • Mostly Linear Game Play
  • Always Private!


  • Record time: 25 minutes 33 seconds with 0 hints and 5 players
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