Retired 10/04/2020

CONSPIRACY – Retired 10/04/2020

Trust No One – Question Everything – Uncover the Truth

Do you blindly believe? Or do you question what you are told? Are you ready to find out the truth? Beware THEY are watching, once you go down this path there may be no turning back… Still interested? Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Your team will be given access to a safe house that holds the answers to some of the greatest conspiracies of our time. But the forces behind the cover-ups aren’t far behind you – and we won’t let our work fall into the wrong hands. Piece together the clues and connect the dots before time runs out and the truth is lost forever.

I went with some friends for my bachelorette party and it was AMAZING! What a fun and different thing to do.The level of detail was amazing and the owners were awesome! We did the Conspiracy theory room and cracked the puzzle just in time. We’ve never laughed so hard, we can’t wait to do more!

Chelsey J.

Key Info:

  • Time limit: 60 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Intermediate / Expert
  • For up to 10 players
    • We recommend 4 to 8
  • Non-Linear game progression
  • Always Private!


  • Record time: 34:19 with 8 players, 0 hints
  • Record time with NO hints: 34:19 with 8 players
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*Actual Room Pictured


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