Crane Manor

Explore the Manor. Find the Head. Stop the Horseman.

Crane Manor

Explore the Manor – Find the Head – Stop the Horseman

The Paranormal Response Task Force has a new assignment for your team. We’ve been tracking information about a reappearance of the Headless Horseman. The Horseman was a fearsome soldier who fought with the British during the Revolutionary War. No bullets or bayonets could stop him – but he eventually met his fate when a cannonball separated his head from his body. He was buried in the town of Sleepy Hollow without his head. He returned from the afterlife and took vengeance on the citizens of Sleepy Hollow unable to rest until his head was returned to him. We believed one of his victims to be Ichabod Crane, a schoolhouse teacher in Sleepy Hollow. On the night of his disappearance, Ichabod attended a festival hosted by the family of Katrina Van Tassel. He had an obsession with her and hoped to win her hand in marriage, but he was denied.

He left the party in despair, only to meet the Horseman on the road. He was never seen again.

Here’s where you come in.

We now believe he survived this encounter and fled to his old family manor. He was obsessed with harnessing the horseman’s dark power and using him to take revenge – but he was never quite successful. 

He passed this knowledge of the dark arts on to his descendants. For generations, they’ve been searching for the horseman’s head in order to bring him back and control him. 

They have it. 

We’ve located Crane Manor. You need to explore the manor and recover the Horseman’s head so we can put him to rest for good. 

Key Info:

  • Time limit: 75 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • For up to 10 players
    • We recommend 4 to 8
  • Non-Linear Game Play
  • Always Private!


  • Record time: 44:36 1 Hint
  • Record time NO hints: 46:56 0 Hints
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So good, one of the best rooms we have played!

Mindy C.

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