Holiday Hijinks - Part 2

Closed January 5th 2019

Holiday Hijinks – Part 2!

CLOSED – Look for a new holiday adventure next year.

We are taking you back to the North Pole for a brand new Christmas escape room adventure! Everyone’s favorite mischievous elf, Slappy, is back causing chaos for Santa. I am afraid the Sleigh Command Center is all out of whack. We have 60 minutes to get things back on track and get the sleigh ready for flight. Santa needs your help to outsmart Slappy and save Christmas!

You do not need to have played last year’s version to be able to enjoy this game. You will be revisiting our version of the North Pole again but with a makeover and a brand new puzzling adventure waiting for you.

Last year Slappy the mischievous elf turned the North Pole into total chaos. Rudolph’s red nose had vanished. Toy production was totally stopped. Worst of all…. Santa’s magical hat was nowhere to be found. But thanks to all of you we were able to outsmart Slappy and get Christmas back on track.

My family of six-my husband and I and our two grown children with their spouses escaped from the Room with minutes to spare! We all had a great time! It took all of us to discover all of the necessary clues to escape with a few hints along the way! We would all definitely try this again in one of the other rooms! The employee that we worked with was great!!

Rhonda S.

This is a limited run event, just for the holiday season. Don’t miss out!


  • 120 E Patrick St.
  • This is NOT played at our normal location. Please go straight to 120 E Patrick St.
  • A staff member will be there 5 minutes before your scheduled start time.
  • There are no public facilities available here.

Key Info:

  • Time limit: 60 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • For 4 to 12 players
    • Recommend 6 to 8
  • All Games Private


  • Record time: 37:38
  • Record time NO hints: 37:38

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