The Game Room

Open “The Game Room” Envelope

You may write on the “answer sheet” page

When you have solved the puzzle enter the code below

All codes will be CAPITAL LETTERS or numbers with no special characters or spaces.

Mad Gabs:

Hint 1:

You will need to read the phrase on each card out loud to determine it’s hidden meaning.

Card 1:

A kind man.

Card 2:

All full.

Card 3:

The Sun.

Card 4:

You put it on pasta.

Card 5:

Maximum intensity.

Card Answers:

Card 1 – “Mister Nice Guy”
Card 2 – “No Vacancy”
Card 3 – “Ball of Fire”
Card 4 – “Alfredo Sauce”
Card 5 – “Dramatic Climax”

Hint 2:

Fill in the answer sheet and put the colored letters together.


Black – 4, Green – 6, Red – 11, Blue – 4

Snakes & Ladders:

Hint 1:

The numbers learned from the Mad Gabs will be important.

Hint 2:

Remember the game rules, if a player lands on a snake they will slide down, if they land on a ladder they will climb up.

Hint 3:

Finishing each players turn will lead you to 1 letter used to create a word.